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Whether working individually or as a team, the variety and challenges of the sites in our portfolio is a continued source of pride for both of us. Here are some of the sites we've designed. With many of these sites, we continue to maintain them on the clients' behalf to this day.

Note: As the web is an ever-changing medium, some of the older sites in this list may no longer be online or in their original designs. In these cases, a screenshot of the site's design is provided.

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Almost Live with Jonathon Brandmeier Super-Couponing
Joe Brandmeier
Huntley Area Public Library Cardunal Savings Bank
Way2Be Uniforms Card Corner Club
Chicago Public Schools
Education to Careers
180 Music
SBC Paging American Messaging
Huntley Library Summer Reading Program SPEED
Special Education District
Just Jewelry Student Job Connection
Corporate Creativity Coach Grace Capital
Spa Daze 1st Congregational Church of Huntley
Spyware Guide Poker-Style 
We Go to Peto Brandmeier Music

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